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Royal Wedding Venues: Some of our Favourites

Historic wedding venues are both beautiful and fascinating – you’ll feel like you’ve been taken back in time as soon as you step inside, and your guests will love finding out about the rich history behind your venue. If you really want to impress, choose a venue that was, or still is, used by the royal family; you’ll feel like a veritable princess marrying your prince. Not only does a royal wedding venue ooze glamour, but you’ll love letting your mind wander to the past Lords and Ladies that once frequented the very same place you are celebrating your wedding. We’ve come up with a list of some of our favourite royal wedding venues to get you inspired: 

Royal Wedding Venues Knowsley Hall

Knowsley Hall

This beautiful property was home to the first Earl of Derby, Henry VII’s stepfather, Thomas Stanley. The Tudor King made numerous royal visits to the stunning house to visit his Mother, Margaret Beaufort and stepfather, and the righthand wing of the property was built for him. This beautiful royal wedding venue boasts grand reception rooms and vast grounds, perfect for a sophisticated wedding day.

Royal Wedding Venues Knowsley Hall

Hever Castle

This romantic double-moated property was once home to King Henry VIII’s second wife, Mother of Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn. Steeped in 700 years of rich history, these castle walls witnessed great changes to the course of Britain’s monarchy, history and religion. This stunning property offers several venue options, all of which are sure to take your guests’ breath away.

Royal Wedding Venues Hever Castle

Ashridge House

Beautiful Grade II listed Ashridge House is one of the most historically significant parks in England. The beautiful property remains largely in its original form, and boasts 190 acres of stunning gardens. The venue provides many options for your wedding and reception, and even offers outdoor ceremonies and drinks.

Royal Wedding Venues Ashridge House

Osborne House

This majestic property located on the Isle of Wight was the much-loved palatial holiday home of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. It’s luxurious Italian style makes it the perfect venue for an elegant wedding; your guests will enjoy meandering through the property’s vast grounds and taking in the impressive scenery.

Royal Wedding Venues Osbrone House

Hillsborough Castle

Gorgeous Hillsborough Castle is key to Northern Ireland’s rich history: starting off with humble beginnings as a country house, it is now the official residence in Northern Ireland for the royal family. The castle also played an important role in the Peace Process, and can now be enjoyed as a stunning luxury wedding venue.

Royal Wedding Venues Hillsborough Castle

Leeds Castle

Majestic Leeds Castle is one of the most visited historic buildings in Britain. Not only was it the private property of six medieval queens, but it was also used by Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. The Castle now offers varied wedding packages, including the opportunity for you and your guests to stay at this stunning property.

Royal Wedding Venues Leeds Castle

Hatfield House

This beautiful Jacobean house is steeped in royal history. The childhood home of Elizabeth I, it was here at the Old Palace that she found out about her accession to the throne in 1558, and she went on to hold her first counsel here. More recently, Queen Elizabeth II lunched at Hatfield for her Diamond Jubilee. This royal wedding venue offers two stunning venue options for your big day.

Royal Wedding Venues Hatfield House

Falkland Palace

Now a National Trust for Scotland property, Falkland Palace is a royal palace of the Scottish Kings. This property was a popular getaway for the royal Stewart family. There, they enjoyed many favourite pastimes, such as falconry and hunting. The stunning gardens make it the perfect royal wedding venue.

Royal wedding venues falkland palace

Edinburgh Castle

This historic fortress was home to various Kings and Queens, Mary Queen of Scots even gave birth to James VI here in 1566. This royal wedding venue boasts beautiful views across the city, and is home to a charming on-site chapel alongside a variety other wedding ceremony and reception rooms.

Royal Wedding Venues Edinburgh Castle



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