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Green & Eco-Friendly Weddings – 5 ways you can achieve this

You can achieve a memorable, unique and stylish wedding without over-spending or literally costing the earth. Eco-Friendly wedding can take many shapes and forms and could be a great way of giving your wedding personality.

Here are five ways you can achieve a green & eco-friendly wedding…

1) Have your wedding outside. You will avoid the cost of lighting and your photos will look fantastic with natural lighting (obviously better suited to the warmer months!). If this is not possible, try choosing a venue with great natural lighting – less electrical lighting will be needed.

Abbeywood Estate


2) Source your materials locally – use our search tool with GPS tracker to see which suppliers are nearest you and your venue so that you can eliminate extra transportation costs. Similarly, if you can find a venue that can host both the ceremony and reception you can cut out transport between the two!

3) Get creative with your transportation – why not try a horse drawn carriage or even a bicycle!

Schwetz Studios

4) Don’t throw confetti, throw rose petals! Confetti makes a lot of mess and is an annoyance to clear up. Why not be different and throw re-used dried petals?

Schwetz Studios

5) Instead of wedding gifts, why not ask guests to donate to charity? We wrote about this here:



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