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Essential Wedding Photos

You’ll want to capture every single moment of your wedding day – but sometimes it just isn’t possible to snap every minute of the day. We’ve made things a little bit easier by creating a list of essential wedding photos! Be sure to talk through them with your photographer before the big day. 

wedding photo bride and groom confetti

1) Getting Ready

Invite your wedding photographer to take photos of you and your bridal party getting ready. This is such a fun part of the day and you’ll want to capture these moments forever. From doing your hair to getting into your dress – these intimate shots is a great way to capture those pre-wedding nerves.

bride getting ready

2) The Dresses

Take a photo of your bridesmaids’ dresses hanging up on the morning of the big day. We absolutely love this unique idea – such a great way to show off the beautiful dresses for your beautiful bridesmaids.

bridesmaids dresses

3) The First Look

Forget the tradition that you can’t see each other until the actual ceremony, these days more and more brides are choosing to do a ‘first look’ before they see their groom at the altar. We absolutely love this idea and think that it makes that initial moment when you see each other much more special, intimate and memorable. Be sure to capture your first look on camera!

first look

4) The Bride and her Bridesmaids

Whether it’s serious or silly, make sure you get a photo of you and your bridesmaids together! No wedding would be complete without them, so make sure your photographer takes plenty of photos. After the wedding, sending your girls a group shot from the day would be a lovely gesture.

bride and bridesmaids

5) Your Parents

Whenever you spend time with your parents, make sure the photographer is near by to capture those important moments. It’s a big day for you, so don’t be surprised if your parents are a little emotional! Capturing this emotion on camera is priceless and something that you’ll love to look back on in the future.

bride and mother

6) Walking down the Aisle

Make sure that your wedding photographer captures this big moment. After all, it’s the highlight of the day! You can look back on this photo forever and remember just how excited (and nervous) you were.

bride walking down aisle

7) The Groom’s Face

Whether he’s uncontrollably smiling or crying, capture the moment the groom sees the bride coming down the aisle! You’ll want to remember this moment forever.

groom crying

8) The “I Do’s”

Get your photographer to take a few close-up snaps of you and your new spouse’s faces as you say your vows and those all important “I dos”. As the most important part of the entire day, this definitely isn’t a moment you’ll want to miss.

wedding bride vows

9) Three Generations of Weddings

We love this adorable photo idea. Get your photographer to take a photo of your hand, your mother’s hand, and your grandmother’s hand. This is such an amazing way to commemorate three generations of marriages in your family.

bride, mother, grandmother hands

10) Flower Girls

Whether they’re behaving or being silly, make sure you get a couple of photos of your flower girls or ring bearers together! Having some funny photos of the younger generation can really make your wedding album.

flower girls

11) Confetti!

This photo is a must for all newlyweds. Your wedding photographer should get plenty of photos of you and your new husband whilst your guests throw confetti in the air. This photo is not one to miss.

confetti bride and groom

12) A Selfie or Two

Who says that all wedding photos need to be official? Grab your phone and take some selfies with your bridal party. The day is going to be so much fun and you’ll want to capture this yourself. Having your photographer snapping these selfie moments also works well.

wedding selfie

13) The First Dance

No wedding photo album would be complete without this classic photo. Let your photographer snap plenty of photos of you and your husband dancing together for the first time as a married couple.

first dance black and white

14) Detail Close-ups

It’s not just the big stuff that matters. You’ll want to remember every little detail, so make sure to brief your photographer to capture all the little things as well as the big moments! You put so much time and effort into deciding on colour schemes and flower arrangements, it would be a shame not to get plenty of photos.

table close up

15) The Speeches

Don’t miss this essential wedding photo. Whether they’re hilarious or tear-jerking, you’ll definitely want to remember the speeches. It might even be worth filming the speeches so you can watch them back later and re-live all the bad jokes the best man made!

wedding best man speech

16) Just Married

Make sure you get a classic ‘Just Married’ shot before the day is over. Before hand, buy a cute ‘Just Married’ prop for you and your spouse to hold up in a few wedding photos.

just married photo

Now that you know exactly which photos are essential, you can start looking for your dream wedding photographer!

Photo credits: Pinterest


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