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Dreamy Wedding Desserts

Nowadays, one cake just isn’t enough for couples with a sweet tooth! Brides are opting for lots of different dessert options and sometimes an entire table filled with Pinterest-worthy puddings. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, or just want inspiration for some dreamy wedding desserts, check out these delicious ideas.

wedding desserts

1). Stacks of Pancakes

From canapés to cakes, brides everywhere are loving this non-traditional wedding trend. Replace your wedding cake with a fun stack of sugary pancakes and let your guests enjoy some mini pancakes on a stick. Now this is a dessert idea we can get behind! 


2). Delicious Cheesecake Pots

For guests who don’t want a chocolatey wedding dessert, cheesecake is a brilliant alternative. These mini cheesecake pots are a great way to give your guests something sweet at the end of the wedding breakfast without leaving them bloated and too full. Don’t forget to top them with some sugar-dusted berries for decoration!

cheesecake pots

3). Gooey Chocolate Brownies

Brownies are an unconventional choice of wedding dessert, but recently they’ve been getting a lot of attention on Pinterest and Instagram from brides looking for something a bit different to serve their guests. If you’re worried about risking a chocolate stain on your dress, why not opt for white chocolate brownies instead?

chocolate brownies

4). Magnificent Macaroon Towers

This idea is definitely one of our favourites! Switch your wedding cake for one of these beautiful macaroon towers and let your guests help themselves. For the most photogenic macaroon towers, go for light, pastel shades.

macaroon towers

5). Ice Cream!

Everybody loves ice cream, so why not serve it as your wedding dessert? Either keep it simple with classic vanilla, or try something a bit fancier with pistachio or lavender. If you’re absolutely crazy about ice cream, you could hire an ice cream van for the day. Note: for couples having a summer wedding, be careful of melting! 

wedding icecream

6). Delicious Doughnuts

Doughnuts are becoming a popular choice of wedding dessert for couples recently. From doughnut towers, to canapés, to entire doughnut bars, there are plenty of options for you to choose from when it comes to doughnut wedding desserts. Also, you can decorate them however you’d like to match your theme and colour scheme, so they’ll look amazing in photos.

doughnuts wedding

7). Creative Sparkly Cake-Pops

Cake-pops make such unique wedding desserts, and they’re so easy to make. Whether you want to have these as canapés or edible centrepieces for your tables, make sure you include this fun idea in your wedding. Why not add a little bit sugar glitter for some sparkle?

cake pops

8). Seriously Chocolatey Chocolate Cake

Keep it classic with a delicious slice of chocolate cake. For a bride looking for something everybody is guaranteed to love, this timeless dessert idea just can’t be beaten. Make this idea your own with a layer of caramel or cream in the middle!

chocolate cake

9). Cute Floral Cupcakes

Nobody can resist a beautifully decorated cupcake, so why not serve them to your wedding guests? This simple idea is great for brides who want a classic, photogenic dessert that everybody will be happy with. Be creative with your cupcake decorations, and don’t forget to match them to your wedding’s colour scheme!


10). Tempting Tiramisu

Tiramisu has always been a popular dessert choice for brides-to-be. Either serve it in a mini glass jar, or as a neat slice of delicate cake. However you choose to serve this dessert, tiramisu is a wonderful option for couples who want a delicious and reliable wedding dessert.


11). Pretty Pink Popcorn

We love this unique and simple dessert idea! Talk to your caterers or food suppliers about dying your popcorn pink, and you’ll end up with this pretty wedding dessert. For couples who have gluten-free or vegan guests attending their wedding, this option is perfect because practically everybody can enjoy it!

pink popcorn

12). Milk & Cookies

Serving milk and cookies as a fun wedding dessert has become a popular idea recently- and for a great reason! If you’re looking for a dessert option that’s both delicious and affordable, milk and cookies could be for you. If you want to take this idea to the next level, ask your caterers to make these gorgeous milk and cookie-cup shots!

milk and cookies

13). Melting Lava Cakes

Want the ultimate luxurious wedding dessert? We absolutely love these gooey chocolate lava cakes. For couples who want to impress their guests with a rich and chocolatey pudding, this idea is a must!

chocolate lava cake

14). Red Velvet Desserts

When it comes to photogenic desserts, red velvet cakes are a wonderful choice! Serve your layered red velvet cake in a mini glass jar to show off the bright red colour. Make sure to top it off with a generous helping of whipped cream!

red velvet desserts

Photo Credits: Pinterest.

Get started with planning your wedding desserts! Contact a cake supplier in your local area to discuss ideas and options.


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