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DIY Wedding

For some brides, the idea of designing their own wedding is an exciting way to take complete control and be creative. For others, hiring someone to take care of the wedding planning is a much better option. We wonder, what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of doing it all yourself?

If you are working on a tight budget, you might find that planning your wedding yourself could work out cheaper . Working on a budget might also just spark your creativity; you will find a way to achieve the look and feel you want without spending more than you would like to.

World Inspired

By replicating something as simple but wonderful as this bunting from World Inspired Tents, you can unleash your inner creativity and really personalise your wedding.

DIY wedding planners have been known to transfer their back gardens into fabulous venues and make use of everyday items for decorations. And because only you really know what you want on your big day, creating your own wedding could mean that it is exactly how you want it- down to the very small details such as the flower arrangements.

Flower schools provide courses to allow you to learn how to produce beautiful, professional looking flower arrangements. With this knowledge you could achieve the look you want, by yourself.  Fabulous Flowers have just launched their own flower school – open to budding florists wishing to learn vital skills and for those wishing to turn a hobby into something more. The classes are led by Fabulous Flowers’ founders Gary Cooper and Matthew Taylor, both of whom are extremely well versed and passionate when it comes to flowers and floral design. With stores in both Abingdon and Oxford, Gary and Matthew have maintained a very successful floristry business that thrives within the wedding industry. A course in flower arrangement could be ideal for those wishing to create something special for their wedding day, themselves.

Fabulous Flowers

On the other hand, DIY weddings flag up obvious causes for concern that might be better avoided. Planning a wedding will be stressful. You could find that although you have all the ideas of how you want your big day to be, achieving it might be harder than you had imagined. Planning is also very time consuming – from organizing a venue, sorting out catering, making or sourcing decorations- the list goes on! You might find that it actually doesn’t work out cheaper after every little detail is added up.

Depending on the kind of person you are and what kind of wedding you would like, allowing professionals to do the job for you might be a better option to allow you to relax and enjoy the day ahead.  You can still design the type of wedding you would like but not have the stress of organizing every detail.


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