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Creating a Mother-Daughter Dreamteam

It can sometimes be difficult for the Mother of the Bride to know exactly what her responsibilities include. Is she expected to pay? How involved should she be in the planning process? What are her duties on your big day? With Mother’s Day approaching we thought it would be the perfect time to share some top tips that every Mother of the Bride should know. So, here’s how you and your mum can work together to create the wedding of your dreams.

bride and mother

Talk about money. There is often an assumption that the parents should pay for the wedding. However, your mum shouldn’t feel pressured to do this! Communication is key when it comes to planning a successful wedding so sit down with your mum and have the money talk. Discuss costs and budgets and lay everything on the table as soon as possible to prevent any confusion or awkwardness that may come up later on.

pinterest mother of the bride

Respect each other’s decisions. Okay, so you and your mum might not have the same taste in colour scheme, but try to relax and respect her suggestions. Regardless of whether you 100% agree with them or not, don’t end up arguing over guest lists and seating plans! Whilst it’s important to appreciate her ideas, don’t forget that it’s your big day! If you desperately want a Star Wars wedding, it’s your mum’s job to try to talk you out of it, but at the end of the day – it’s your decision.

bride and mother hugging

Accept help from each other. Even if your mum is taking a more backseat role in your wedding, she can still help out with the little things. Why not go to the florist together and make joint decisions on flower arrangements. It’s important that your mother has some involvement in your big day. It’s an overwhelming and stressful time for any bride-to-be and you’ll need your mum with you every step of the way. You can even return the favour and help her to shop for that perfect Mother of the Bride outfit!

mother of the bride and bride

Pick your battles. Make sure you don’t end up arguing with your mum about silly little details. Disagreements are inevitable when planning a wedding, but overall it should be a fun experience for both of you. Don’t forget what’s really important. As long as you end up marrying the person you love, then everything went perfectly!

mother of the bride and bride

Make sure she has tissues! Whether it’s you, the maid of honour or your mother, somebody will be crying. No one wants mascara-stained cheeks in their wedding photos, so make sure your mum is prepared with a packet (or two) of tissues in her handbag.

bridesmaids crying

Photo Credits: Pinterest.


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