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Covering up a tattoo on your wedding day and honeymoon

From Cheryl’s roses and Rihanna’s goddess,  the celebs are certainly paving the trend to get inked and tattoos are very much part of modern life. But there are occasions when those little stars on your neck, or your beloved’s name, may not present the image you desire.  Weddings, holidays by the pool or the beach, or even meeting the boyfriend’s parents can be the time you wish to temporarily conceal your tattoo. Not to mention those left with a permanent reminder of their ex-love!
Here at Guides for Brides we tested the new Cover Secret Travel Bag Kit available from

Tattoo Secret’s new Cover Secret Travel Bag Kit

Tattoo Secret’s new Cover Secret Travel Bag Kit

So does it work?Below is a before and after picture, so yes it definitely does work! Instructions were easy to follow, it went on easily and was still there over night. Great product and at just £27.50, a bargain!

Before and after

Before and after


Maggie Richards’ Top Tattoo Coverage Tips


·         Select Your Top Finishing Shade first – you will have to experiment to get this shade right and may have to blend a couple of colours together to get the perfect skin match.  A good starting point is to simply hold the pots of colour next to the skin by the tattoo

·         Always apply in an area of natural light

·         Allow plenty time on your first application for experimentation

·         Allow time for each layer to set before applying the next coat of camouflage cream – in an ideal world you would allow each layer to set for 20-30 minutes but even 10 minutes would suffice if you are in a rush!

·         Ensure you build coverage in THIN layers

·         It’s the powder that sets the coverage so ensure you apply powder between every layer and over the last finishing colour

·         If your tattoo is has a strong ink outline use the edge of the concealer brush to apply coats of neutraliser – this is also useful for covering word and simple line tattoos.

·         Note that you may need two undercoat layers to neutralise the colour of the tattoo plus the top finishing coat which ensures the perfect skin tone finish

·         The neutralising undercoats are lighter than your skin shade to mask the tattoo ink colour so don’t expect it to blend with your skin tone at this stage

·         The biggest issue with covering tattoos is what us professionals refer to as ‘ghosting’.  This is a shadow of the tattoo which comes through the camouflage.  You may have to use different neutralising shades to cover the varying tattoo colours.

·         Remove the camouflage with soap and water or an oil based cleanser.

·         You may need to shave hairy areas to create a smooth surface

·         You can mix colours on your hand to get a good match.  This also helps the product to glide easily onto your skin as it will have warmed up using your natural heat

·         If your skin tone is freckly take the darkest shade of camouflage and speckle over the end result to make it ‘imperfect’ or your coverage will look too perfect!

·         If you are covering a tattoo on the leg keep standing up to check the colour match is accurate or you may get the colour wrong as the light hits the leg differently from differing angles.




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