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How to choose your wedding hashtag

We live in a world that is totally obsessed with social media (don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), and weddings completely reflect that. And it all started with the wedding hashtag…

how to choose your wedding hashtag

Your guests will be snapping away all day long, getting some great shots of you and your groom as well as all your family and friends. The best way to keep track of all these photos and find them all in one place is by creating your very own wedding hashtag. This is something that couples often struggle with, so we’ve come up with three handy tips to make sure everyone will be using your personalised wedding hashtag.

how to choose your wedding hashtag 

1. Don’t spend a long time thinking about it.  Pick the first thing that comes into your head, the last thing you want is no one remembering it on the big day and people not using it properly.

2. Make sure people actually use it. Write it on the invitations, write it on the order of ceremony, have signs with it, talk about it, have the DJ announce it – there’s no point having a wedding hashtag unless people actually use it.

3. Use it in the lead up to your wedding. By using the wedding hashtag before the day arrives, it not only advertises it to your guests but also means that you’ll have some lovely pre-wedding photographs stored under it, too.

And just to make it eeeeven easier, we’ve put together some of our favourite popular wedding hashtags to get you inspired: #TheSmithWedding, #MrandMrsThompson, #MattMarriesHannah, #HappilyEverHanwell, #ForeverJohnson, #TheMacphersonsWed #MurphyWedding2016, #JamesKateWedFest, #SamAndHarry2015. 

Not sure how to manage social media at your wedding? Check out our post on The Ten Commandments of Social Media at Weddings

Happy Hashtagging!

how to choose your wedding hashtag

Photo credits: Pinterest

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