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Changing your name

Whilst convention says that a bride will take a groom’s surname in marriage, law doesn’t dictate that you have to- whether you are a gay or straight couple.

Your name is a tremendous part of your identity so making the decision to change it, is quite a big deal.

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Here is a quick insight into the options you have for changing your name.

  1. The most traditional option – taking your husband/partner’s name.  This does make things simpler if you have joint legal, financial or social responsibilities.
  2. Keep your maiden name. This has become increasingly popular and makes sense if you wish to keep the name you use in your profession.
  3. Double barrel both names. Practical and becoming more and more popular; you are both able to keep your names and take on your partners! Have fun deciding the order the names go in….

For more information about changing your name, see:



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