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Wedding Ideas: The Proposal

Real Engagement: Sophie and Ted

Our hugely successful Real Weddings page has all the real life inspiration you need for your big day, but what about the proposal? We love a good proposal story here at Guides for Brides HQ, so we’re kicking off our brand new #RealEngagement series with Sophie and Ted’s rather eventful proposal story. 

I said yes engagement announcement

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Europe’s most romantic hotel: Palazzo Avino – our favourite things

Palazzo Avino was judged to be the most romantic hotel in Europe. Nestled in Ravello, high above the Amalfi Coast in Italy it is the perfect place for a romantic honeymoon or a fairytale wedding. A picture can say a thousand words so here is a round up of a few of our favourites so you can judge for yourself:

Palazzo Avino

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White Gold Vs. Platinum: The myths and realities

White gold engagement and wedding rings have long been popular as a cheaper platinum alternative, but what exactly is white gold and what are the positives and negatives to choosing it for your ring? Engagement ring obsessive Ruth Donaldson of Heirloom London gets us up to speed with some common misconceptions about white gold and it’s big sister, platinum. 

US bride and grooms hand with silver rings

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Shhh! Should your proposal be a surprise?

So you’re blissfully happy with your partner, you’ve been together long enough, and everyone around you seems to be tying the knot – you’re getting ready for a proposal. But how important is it that it’s a complete secret? 75% of men state that ideally, they want their proposal to be a surprise, but are we making it too difficult? How are men supposed to know that you’re ready to get engaged, come up with the most romantic proposal idea ever, and meticulously plan it – all without you getting suspicious?


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Top 5 diamond cuts for your big day…

If you’ve been looking for the perfect wedding ring cut, there are certainly a lot of options to consider! The huge variety of cuts available can become slightly overwhelming. From elegant emerald cuts to vintage marquise cuts, there are unique benefits to each style. Read on, and let us help you pick the ring which is most suitable for you and your taste…

pinterest rings

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Unique London Proposal Spots

Valentines Day – The most romantic day in our annual calendar. What better day to propose? In celebration of this popular proposal date, we are looking at 10 of London’s unique proposal spots.

The Shard – A recent addition to London’s skyline, The Shard is a romantic haven. Offering stunning views across the city, The View From The Shard will not fail to impress. Even the toilets offer remarkable views; a unique private capsule for the proposal, with enough tissues for afterwards! Aqua Shard, situated on the 31st floor, is the perfect restaurant for a romantic lunch, decadent dinner, or a casual cocktail.

the shard proposal wedding

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5 Signs of an Imminent Proposal… or Break Up?

Christmas is the season for magic – and proposals!  Is your partner acting strange? A recent survey found that Men’s odd behaviour before proposing actually led 66% of women to suspect an imminent break up and only 12% to suspect a proposal!  So if you’re Man is acting strange this season, he might be preparing to make your Christmas extra special.

christmas proposal

Photo credit: Pinterest

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The Truth Behind Proposals

Why do men REALLY decide to pop the question?  A recent survey conducted by revealed some interesting facts to help shed some light on the truth behind proposals.

why men propose

Pinterest: Photo credit

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Be unique: Get engaged on Valentine’s Day

There was a time that Valentine’s Day was the most popular date to propose, but that is no longer the case.

Christmas gets the top slot, with Christmas Eve slightly more popular than Christmas Day. New Year’s Eve is another popular time, but increasingly grooms-to-be are dropping to one knee while on holiday.

So if you really want to be original, today is the day to propose!

engagement ring

Bad taste proposals

Christmas is a busy time for wedding proposals and new grooms-to-be will be sighing with relief today at romantic proposals successfully pulled off while their new fiancée shows off her ring.

Spare a thought for the bride who was the victim of what must be one of the cruelest and craziest proposals ever, and watch the video of their proposal.

Wedding or engagement ring

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