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Wedding Ideas: Day to Day Life at GfB

Words To Love By

It’s Valentine’s Day ❤️ and we all know what that means. The shelves have been bursting with gifts and sentiment, roses are delivered to the door – dinner for two is on the menu this evening and it’s all about that special little something or someone… It’s wonderful to love! Behind all the red glitter and loved up statuses on social media, we want to shine the light on some of the truest words about love ever spoken, by a few of the greats. We’re here to get you inspired with 10 of our favourite quotations on the art of romance… 

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We are really excited about seeing everybody at the NEC on Friday!

Today is the day.

Morning everyone,

Well today’s the day, after 11 months of planning I can’t believe our wedding day is here!

Today’s update will be brief as we are getting married at 12pm, so I need to be super organised today as I need have my hair and make-up done before Nicky arrives at 11am to help to get me dressed.In true tradition Mike didn’t stay at home last night, but I had a relaxing evening with my Mum and a couple of bridesmaids that are staying with me.

So, this is it! I can’t wait to see Mike at the church at 12pm and spending the rest of our lives together. Mike, if you read this I love you loads and am so looking forward to be Mrs. H-D

Lots of Love

Sarah x

My wedding countdown! -Thursday. So near yet so far.



Dear All my brides to be,

Thursday was a much more relaxed affair! I actually managed to sleep from 10.30pm to 6.30am! Having gone for a run to set the day off, I went to see Laura at Eynsham Hall. We went through the day and all the gifts, table plans and table decorations, just to make sure that we were thinking along the same lines. From there I went to Oxford to pick up the new waistcoat and trousers for Mike, then off to Wantage to get my engagment ring cleaned. I also managed to collect Mike’s present and did a food shop for the morning of the wedding.So when I eventually got home, I wrapped Mike’s present and finished packing for the honeymoon. I also managed to walk around my house whilst wearing my wedding shoes to break them in. Spray tan at 7pm, then supper cooked by Mike and an early night… Watch this space!


This morning, Friday, I start with a manicure and pedicure, then a quick lunch, before collecting my bridesmaid, Donna, from the station. Not much later I have, Linda, my bridesmaid and flower girl, my brother, mum and dad turning to help me bring together the final things. Once we have finished the final bridesmaids fitting we just have the church rehersel and then some beauty sleep I think!  Wish me luck for tomorrow…a big, but beautiful day.

Loads of Love Sarah x

My wedding countdown – Wide awake on Wednesday!

Dear All my lovely Brides,

Wednesday started a little earlier than I would have liked! Having woken up at 4am, I decided at 6am I might as well get up! At 9.30am I had my waxing and eyelash tint by Kerry Boniface, the lady doing my make up on the day too. We had some bad news from the band….unfortunately the lead singer cant make it now due to really bad personal circumstances, but luckily they have found a replacement singer- lets hope he is up to the job!  

After lunch I took on the growing list of jobs! Haveing dropped off the ushers suits, cleaned the house and made up the spare rooms for guests coming on Friday, I packed my overnight bag and (the start of!) my honeymoon suitcase…

Then I met up with Nicky and Dani, for the dress rehearsal. It was  a last chance to make sure that everything was okay, and hopefully an attempt to make the big day a little more relaxed! If that’s possible?! Arrived home for the night to find an usher, who has come over Oz for the wedding, already trying on his suit! A few phone calls then bed.

Not long now, the end is in site.  A real mixture of nerves and excitement! Hopefully sleep better tonight

Lots of love

Sarah x


My wedding countdown – Toppers for Tuesday!





Dear  brides to be,

Here I am again… not long now! Just looked at the weather forecast for Saturday… looking a little showery! Hopefully the rain will stay away long enough to get everybody into Eynsham hall, our reception venue. I dropped off the cake toppers and went over the final details of the cake decoration with Jana Mccagie at Tortebella. All looking good in that department! Just found time to pop into Oxford to collect my currency, toiletries (and some clothes!)  for the honeymoon. Can’t wait for a chance to escape away for a couple of weeks with Mike!

Found some nice white pashminas for my bridesmaids as it looks a little chilly on the day! Although I am rushed off my feet I still found time to meet up with my friend, Fran, for lunch.

In the afternoon, I made up all the bags for each table to be taken to Eynsham Hall on Thursday and printed off all the information about them.

I am still trying to sort out the suit problems…(the best man shirt is too small!) with my phone contanstly off the hook! My mum is  asking about the church seating and timings and my brother about what jobs he has to do… Despite sending an email to the ushers with their jobs last week, I sent it again just to make sure, as well as printing of maps to the reception venue and a list of ‘Jobs on the day’ for the best man!

I suddenly remembered that I had to have cash for payments on the day, so ran and got that out of the bank. I finished the day by choosing my brothers as witnesses and sending the order of the day to my bridesmaids.

Thank god for Fran, would not have made it through the day without her! We topped of the day with a bottle of wine in the tap and a curry! The best way to get over a busy day….

Looking forward to hearing from you

Love Sarah x

An end to Vintage cars?

Vintage carWith a vintage revival across the wedding industry it is sad that vintage wedding car businesses are now under threat from the Law Commission who are considering removing the existing exemption for wedding and funeral cars for their new private hire regulations.

The new regulations will require vintage car owners and drivers to jump through a number of (expensive) hoops including local authority licensing, special driving tests, medical tests and CRB checks, and while it will increase safety it will also force the smaller operators off the road.

Good luck to all those campaigning, including David Jones of The Vintage and Classic Car Company. Let’s hope a degree of common sense can be employed before this consultation becomes law.

Coming soon… our blog on Kindle

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The Guides for Brides blog will be available on Kindle via Amazon from Monday.

Wedding TV advert

We are all very excited here that our advert on Wedding TV is being launched tomorrow. For anyone who hasn’t discovered Wedding TV yet it is on Sky 266 and on FreeSat and has loads of great wedding based programs including Bridal Boudoir and Celebrity Hens & Stags and loads of honeymoon suggestions.

Want to see our new TV advert before anyone else…?

New Television Advert

Trudi’s Wedding

Countdown over, and I have been inundated with requests for an update.


Well, a full report will be featured in our South Oxfordshire Guide, and with our other online Real Life Weddings, and of course no one is going to get to see any of the 1700 photos taken until Trudi and Ian return from honeymoon next week…

The wedding went without a hitch, which is just as you would hope and expect after so much preparation. The weather was perfect, in that no one had to worry about getting too hot, or squinting at the sun in photos, or indeed about washing their clothes afterwards thanks to an evening downpour. For an English wedding you have to look on the bright side when it comes to the weather.

Trudi wore a stunning three-quarter length dress. No one really noticed what Ian wore as they were all looking at Trudi, and bridesmaids Gemma, Ellie and Maisie looked fabulous in their last-minute choice of dresses.

The food was great (thanks to Guides for Brides staff Jackie, Hannah and Grace for rolling their sleeves up and serving for the afternoon) and the dance floor was packed until well after midnight.

Trudi and Ian left for their honeymoon in Malaysia the following day, and from all reports have been very well looked after by our generous friends at The Shangri-La, Majestic Malacca and Tanjong Jara hotels. We look forward to reading the reviews!


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