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Carmelo Guastella on Groom Hair Style

We recently met up with celebrity stylist Carmelo Guastella, who gave us the latest hairstyle tips for Grooms. Forget heading to the barbers for a pre wedding trim.  Turn your minds to One Direction and Kurt Cobane, and embrace the over grown and unkempt look, keeping your style casual and relaxed.

groom hair

Longer hair:

Be prepared to ditch your “cloned short back and sides haircut,” and opt for a longer style. Our celebrity stylist claims that longer hair can enhance your features, and can make you stand out from the other men on your big day.  Advising that Grooms leave an extra 5 minutes every day for styling, Carmelo suggests giving this longer look a natural finish.


For those lacking the perfect head of hair, good cutting techniques, thickening shampoos and thickening styling products can all enhance your natural assets and you may want to try professional and discreet colouring to blend in grey hairs. If thinning hair is a concern, unless you have the time and money for a convincing hair transplant, which are now becoming very advanced, you could try the footballers’ secret – hair powder – used to fill in sparse areas with a dusting of fine “nanogen” fibres.

Designer stubble:

Designer stubble is firmly in; the trick is to trim back hair on the throat and cheeks without sharp lines and to keep the stubble well trimmed.  Carmelo explains that the key to a good beard is to seek an expert barber; it requires a skill to make your beard look great.  His secret to the perfect beard? – “Beards are usually much thicker in certain areas, so I use scissors to balance it out.”

To avoid your beard looking fake or “stuck on,” the stubble or beard needs to blend naturally, without strong straight lines under the cheeks or neck.

carmelo barbers


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