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Can’t decide on a wedding cake?

Victoria sponge, chocolate, madeira or red velvet?  Buttercream, icing, or jam? The endless variety of wedding cakes makes choosing just ONE a very challenging process. The increasing trend of a dessert table means that you can incorporate a variety of tasty treats into your big day – perfect for couples with a sweet tooth.

dessert table Photo credit: Pinterest

Why choose a dessert table? You can provide a range of cakes and desserts, meaning that there will be something to suit everyone’s taste buds. Dessert tables not only taste great but they also look fantastic – adding that extra magic to your venue decor.  You can decorate the table itself with flowers, confetti or fairy lights for an extra wow factor. Desserts can be chosen surrounding your chosen theme or colour. For example – decadent cupcakes, strawberries dipped in white chocolate and marshmallows dressed in edible glitter will help you create the perfect fairy tale wedding.

What desserts can I include?  The beauty of a dessert table is that it’s completely up to you what you put on it!  Popular suggestions include cakes, macaroons, cupcakes, jars of sweets, mini pastries, chocolate covered strawberries and even mini milkshakes or smoothies. The beauty of this freedom means that you can cater for everyone and go wild with your imagination. DESSERT TABLES3 Photo credit: Pinterest

Worried about breaking tradition? Many consider ‘cutting the cake’ as a very important part of their big day. Just because you don’t have ONE cake, it doesn’t mean that you can’t fulfil this tradition. Brides often choose a particular cake from their dessert table to be photographed cutting with their groom.  The background of decadently presented desserts makes for a wonderful photo drop back.

Is it expensive? Initially you may be left thinking that a dessert table will cost you a small fortune. Whilst it can be expensive, it is within your control to decide how many options you would like and the cheapest ways of supplying them. Choosing smaller less decadent desserts can often be cheaper than going for one masterpiece.  Desserts such as marshmallows and sweets can be provided at a very low cost, or easily made first hand. dessert table2

Photo credit: Pinterest

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