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Bridal Beauty in 2015

We have been to Olympia Beauty to see the big reveals for 2015 from the big beauty brands. From guilt free chocolate to “no show” knickers, we have rounded up our favourites…


1. Alessandro’s Striplac nail lacquer – Far better for your nails than soaking in acetate, this lacquer performs like gel nail polish but is designed to peel off after 7 days. The trick is to polish the surface of the nail before application for easy peeling, and resist the temptation to peel before the 7 days are up! Alessandro offer all 99 of their shades in all their nail polishes – Gel, Striplac and good old fashioned lacquer.
photo 2 (4)

  2. Guilt free chocolate? Really? A new range on the market from Smart Chokolate, this 70% dark chocolate from Brazil has been infused with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, each flavour offering a different health benefit. The range is gluten free, lactose free, has no GMO and is entirely organic. There is a totally sugar free range and a range with a touch of fructose from beetroot.

photo (5)

3.  Tutti frutti wax from SalonSystems – Creating the perfect pain-fee, hassle-free way to wax is high on the beauty industry agenda. This sets in seconds like a thin layer of flexible plastic, gripping the hairs not the skin, and can be stripped off in any direction making it perfect for more intimate areas.

photo 3 (4)

4. The ultimate “no show” underwear –  Modelled here for Shibue by Jessica Taylor, this strapless panty is washable, reusable and comes in 5 colours. A silicone adhesive strip at the top of the front and the back holds the panty securely in place. This innovative range has been designed to solve every underwear dilemma and includes pretty lace nipple cover-ups and silicone instant breast-lifts amongst other products.

photo 5 (1)


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