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Boudoir Photography

Looking for the perfect present for your partner? With boudoir photography, you can create sophisticated and seductive images – the perfect wedding or anniversary present, and the perfect excuse for some girly fun. Ellie Sanderson Boudoir Photography aims to capture brides-to-be just before their big day. Creating intimate and personal images, boudoir photos are an increasingly popular wedding gift.

david bostock boudoir photography

What will the shoot be like?

Boudoir shoots often take place in a private studio. Due to the nature of the shoots, they are usually one-on-one with your photographer, offering you complete privacy. Ellie Sanderson Boudoir Photography offers a range of boudoir styles. Their shoots range from sweet and subtle to racy and suggestive, but they are always “Classy and Fabulous.” To create the perfect photo backdrop, they use the spacious and sumptuous dressing room at Ellie Sanderson’s bridal boutique in Beaconsfield. The shoot begins with a professional hair and make up session, accompanied with bubbly and strawberries to help you relax.

ellie sanderson boudoir photography

Do I need “photo confidence”?

You may be thinking that you don’t have the confidence for such a sensual photo shoot, but boudoir photographers specialise in making you feel comfortable. Ellie Sanderson Boudoir Photography provides a personal and friendly environment to ensure you feel comfortable throughout your shoot. Their years of experience mean that they know how to show off your best features and hide any insecurities. Using natural and diffused lighting to ensure the most flattering shots, they can also retouch the images after to achieve perfection.
bostock photography
What do I have to wear?

What you wear is completely up to you! Bring a personal selection of lingerie – whether it be pretty, racy or bridal themed, the choice is entirely yours. If you are feeling extra daring, boudoir photographers also specialise in professional nude photo shoots – making you feel comfortable throughout.  You can also incorporate props of your choice into the shots; for brides-to-be, having some photos with your veil, garter, or tiara will add that element of wedding fun.

ellie sanderson boudoir photography

Why do a boudoir photo shoot?

If you’re getting married and are looking for a unique and personal gift for your groom, then a boudoir shoot is a fabulous idea. On a personal level, the shoot is also a fun and liberating experience which will leave you with a new found level of confidence.

david bostock bridal boudoir photography


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