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An Interview with Libra Photographic

Developing a personal connection with your wedding photographer is very important – after all, they will be capturing the most important day of your life. We did an interview with Nathan from Libra Photographic to gain an insight into the world of wedding photography. We discuss favourite shots, memorable photoshoots and important tips for brides-to-be!


Why did you become a wedding photographer? I discovered wedding photography after working in several other forms of photography. My skill is with the the interaction between myself and other people; I have a knack for making people feel at ease in from of the camera! This is a photographer’s greatest asset – it enables them to blend in with the crowd and have fun.

Which is your favourite wedding shot?


Each and every wedding brings with it a favourite shot; some are candid whereas others are more set up. The umbrella shot is one of my favourites from last year as I had an idea in my head and it worked out perfectly. It shows just how much fun can be had at a wedding – not everything needs to be “cliched romance.” If the character of the couple reflects something else it is my job to bring it out in the images.

What is the most interesting wedding shoot you have ever done?


I loved Kristen and Mark’s “trash the dress” wedding shoot; it marked a turning point in my approach to wedding photography. This was shot before the post wedding rock the frock/trash the dress photoshoots became popular. I was one of the first in my area to bring this tradition over from the USA. It showed me that people are up for something different – all you need to do is ask. This was shot at 6am, and although it was freezing, the couple were dedicated to getting the shot.

What advice would you give to brides and grooms when having their photo taken on their big day?

Trust their instincts. They chose their photographer for their work and need to trust that they can deliver it. The wedding day is like your own personal movie; take a deep breath and take it all in before the day is over. The photographer will take care of the images, that is what you are paying for after all!

Photographers have their own individual style, but what makes your wedding photography unique?

The skill I possess that cannot be taught is the ability to be a social chameleon. The technical skill was learned at university – I do not think about the camera work when out on a shoot, it’s innate and after 15 years in the wedding industry I know what happens where and when. My images show the interaction between the guests and the personality of the couple in their portraits.

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