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8 Reasons to Hire a Toastmaster

After spending hours mapping out the perfect wedding, you’ll want your day to run as smoothly as possible. The red-coated Toastmaster brings a portfolio of skills to any wedding with a sense of formality, combined with impeccable manners and a gift for spotting potential problems before they arise. Not only a Master of Ceremonies, Toastmasters are key to the organisational team and will help your day run without any hitches. Their colourful, red-coated attire also brings vibrancy and warmth to the day. 

We caught up with some of the UK’s most experienced Toastmasters who told us how they help couples plan their wedding, whilst also revealing some real-life stories on how they saved the day! Here’s 8 reasons why hiring a Toastmaster is a great way to take the stress out of your wedding day – with a few examples of how they work their magic…
1) Vital checking. From the table plan display to the cake knife, there are lots of things that may need checking on the big day! You’ll be far too busy to check that the table plan, favours and place cards are in the right place. Having a Toastmaster can relieve the stress of checking these details, whilst making sure that nothing is forgotten.
As soon as Alan Hodge arrives at the venue, he begins by making sure that everything is in place. From checking the best man has the rings to the wedding breakfast and speech timings – nothing is forgotten. Alan recently saved the day at a wedding he was working! After asking who had the rings, the best man suddenly realised that he had left them at home. Luckily, he only lived an hour away so his brother rushed home to get them. In the mean time, Alan pushed back the ceremony time and informed all the guests.
2) Liaising. Your Toastmaster will be the “man in the middle” so you don’t have to be. Whether it be talking to the caters or liaising with the photographer to gather guests for group photographs – a Toastmaster takes away the stress of liaising. With an art for subtle, behind the scenes communication, you won’t even know it’s happening!

3) Etiquette. A great point of contact for help with traditional etiquette, Toastmasters are always prepared and happy to help with speeches or the formal receiving line. When it comes to speeches, Toastmasters are experts and can really help with delivery, content and length. They are also on hand on the day to give those pre-speech nerves a kick in the right direction!

Trevor English is a Hampshire based Toastmaster who coordinates and conducts your special day to relieve all the stress. As well as announcing the speeches, he is also on hand to read the speech if needed. On one special occasion, after announcing the Father of the Bride’s speech, Trevor offered to step in and read it as the Father got emotionally overwhelmed and fainted.
4) Meet and Greet. Who better to meet your guests as they arrive than a professional, formal Toastmaster? With excellent people skills, they can help guide your guests to the right place and make sure they are comfortable and settled. 
5) Someone to trust. Your Toastmaster is a vital component of your wedding day, working for you and not for your venue. Having met with Toastmaster numerous times before the big day, you will build a direct relationship, built on trust. When your wedding day arrives, you will feel confident knowing just how the day will be run.
Mark Greatbatch is a qualified Master of Ceremonies who takes time to build rapport with each and every couple before their big day. Mark sees beyond his role as a Toastmaster and likes to ensure that the entire day runs smoothly, relieving the bride and groom of any potential stress. From holding the brides dress to mingling with guests – Mark is someone to trust and rely on.
mark greatbatch toastmaster
6) Announcements. There’s nothing worse than having the stress of getting people’s attention and ushering people the right way. Toastmasters are the king of announcements, calling people in for wedding breakfast, announcing the speeches, cutting of cake and first dance. Some Toastmasters use a gavel to ensure they get everyone’s attention successfully. 
7) Dealing with unexpected problems. Hopefully your wedding day will go with no hitches, however, it’s always better to be prepared for any little problems that may occur. Toastmasters often carry amazing tools in their briefcase for those unexpected moments. From spare cufflinks and safety pins to a sewing kit and matches – you never know what you might need.

Peter York is a professional Toastmaster who is always quick to fix any problems that might arise, with subtlety. From fixing melted icing to photographing the wedding cake because the photographer had left early and forgotten – Peter York is a quick thinking Toastmaster who is always ready to give a helping hand.
 8) Questions. On your wedding day, you don’t want to be answering questions about timings or seating arrangements. Your Toastmaster will be on hand to deal with all the questions and will act as a point of contact between you and your venue. They are also a great point of contact for your guests who may have various questions throughout the day.

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