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8 “Annoying Things” that Wedding Guests do

Whilst your guests probably consist of your ‘nearest and dearest’ – it is often those closest to you who can annoy you the most. After planning the perfect day, you don’t want your guests to ruin it. Here’s 8 annoying things which guests do:

1. Forgetting to RSVP – You’ve sent out invites and you’re anxiously awaiting replies. Some people are unorganised and may need a reminder to send that vital RSVP.

2. Ask to bring a plus one – Cheeky guests may try to extend their invitation. You feel rude saying no, but your friend’s new boyfriend is not really at the top of your guest list.

plus one

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3. Upstaging the Bride – When your guest rocks up in a white dress, you may question why she’s trying to steal your thunder, and also why her invitation didn’t “get lost” in the post.

4.  Sniffling throughout the ceremony – It’s the most important day of your life, and you’re at the altar making those all-important vows.  But the emotional moment is ruined by the sniffling guest at the back.  Note to guests – pack tissues.

5. Changing your seat – You’ve spent hours deliberating on your seating plan.  The truth is, it’s unlikely that everyone will be happy with their seat, but you’ve done your best.

place name

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6.  Complaining about the food – The food may not be to everyones taste, but that 3 course dinner is costing you a small fortune – so they could at least pretend to like it.

7. Being boring – You look around your reception and you see certain guests who have decided not to mingle, talk or dance.  You want your guests to have fun and feel relaxed on your big day.

8. Talking during speeches – You’re trying to listen to your Dad’s proud “Father of the Bride” speech, but you’re distracted by the whispering in the background.  Yes the speeches have been dragging on for nearly an hour, but you want to hear every word.  Note to sighing guests – please go for a toilet break!

fall asleep wedding

Photo credit: Pinterest


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