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6 Ways to Personalise your Wedding Dress

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, but it’s also a hugely important occasion for those closest to you. If you’re looking for ways to personalise your dress and honour the most important people in your life, we’ve come up with 6 easy ways to do it. From monograms to family heirlooms, Guides for Brides share our ideas on how to make your wedding dress more sentimental. 

bride mother grandmother wedding

1. Stitch your wedding date into your dress

What a lovely way to honour your wedding date, simply sew the numbers into the hem of your dress to add a beautiful memory to your gown. You could even use blue thread and have it count as your ‘something blue’, too.

stitched wedding date wedding dress

2. Sew a patch from one of your dad’s old shirts for your ‘something blue’

How about honouring your dad in your wedding dress? For your ‘something blue’, cut a little square of fabric from one of your dad’s old blue shirts, and sew it into the lining of your dress.

dads blue shirt wedding dress something blue

3. Add a monogram into your gown

To make your dress even more personal, why not embroider a monogram into the lining? They are a beautiful way to make your dress even more sentimental, and don’t forget that you can use blue thread for your ‘something blue’, too.

wedding dress monogram personal touch

4. Incorporate some material from your mother or grandmother’s dress into your wedding gown

If they don’t mind you chopping up their wedding dresses (we wouldn’t blame them if they did), you could find a way to incorporate some of their fabric into your gown. You could embroider pieces into the dress or use the fabric as a waistband, or if you don’t want it to form part of your actual dress, why not wrap some fabric around your bridal bouquet? Using the fabric of family member’s dresses is a beautiful way to honour the important women in your life on your wedding day.

mothers wedding dress fabric bouquet

5. Use a piece of your mum’s wedding dress fabric for your garter

If you don’t want to incorporate your mum’s wedding dress fabric into your dress, but you’d still like to carry a piece of her gown with you, why not find a way to use some of the fabric for your garter? It’s a fun way to include your mum’s dress in your wedding day.

wedding dress fabric garter

6. Add a brooch that belonged to someone important to you

If you’re lucky enough to have a family heirloom in the form of a brooch, it’s the perfect way to add a personal touch to your dress. If you feel that it doesn’t quite go with your overall look, you can always use it as a hairpiece, add it to your band or pop it into your bouquet to give it a little more sparkle!

heirloom brooch wedding dress

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