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5 ways to keep your bridesmaids happy.

You’ve chosen your bridesmaids! Congratulations, one of the hardest decisions for your wedding has been made. You’ve also chosen them for a reason, whether they are old or new friends or close family – they are going to be a huge part of what makes your big day great. They are important to you so make sure they are well looked after!

Here are five ways you can keep your bridesmaids happy!


  1. Don’t give them too much to do. Not all of your bridesmaids will have the same responsibilities in life outside of your wedding and it is important to understand that. Some may have young children, difficult financial situations or time consuming jobs. Do be mindful of their schedules and accept that they may not be able to make every little event leading up to your wedding!
  2.  Try and keep dress costs down. Weddings can be expensive, but you already know this…do try and keep the costs for your bridesmaids as low as you can. They will be paying for a lot of things leading up to the wedding – dresses, hair, hotel and travel expenses to name a few! Not all of your bridesmaids will be in the same financial situation so try and be aware of this.
  3. Choose dresses that flatter all of them. You may have chosen bridesmaids all having exactly the same body shape and height, but if we’re honest it is highly unlikely. Beauty comes in all shapes in sizes as will your bridesmaids! To avoid issues with finding the same dress in 5 different sizes why not establish some guidelines – for example a set colour and length and then let your bridesmaid choose the style. So long as they all match they will look fantastic!
  4. Give them some freedom with hair and makeup. Just as your bridesmaids body shape will differ so will their hair and skin type. As we have suggested with dresses, perhaps give them a colour palette to wear makeup wise and have a general idea of what you think would look good hair wise.
  5. Be grateful for their time. This one is simple. It’s easy to get caught up in the big build  up to your wedding day but make sure they know how much you appreciate what they have done for you.



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