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5 ways to entertain children at your wedding

You’ve made the decision to invite children to your wedding, now what? Well for starters you will need to make sure that you have some ideas in place to entertain children to avoid any boredom influenced tantrums! Here are five ways to keep children entertained at your wedding.

Children at your wedding

1) Involve them. Try and involve as many of the children attending your wedding somehow. If you have already filled the quota for flower girls and pageboys, give some of the other children roles such as ‘helpers’ for planners or oganisers – let them be in charge of throwing confetti, flowers or taking candid photos on disposable cameras for example.

2) Do them a favour. Favours really do add something special to your wedding, but make sure they are things that children can enjoy. Depending on the ages of your guests they may enjoy gifts like colouring books and crayons (you could make these wedding themed). Give them a goody bag filled with activities that will keep them occupied – such as lego or small games you would find in a cracker for example.

We’ve got some great ideas here:

3) Talk to the DJ. Dancing is fun for both adults and children, but do make sure the DJ plays some age appropriate songs so that kids can have fun too! Good luck getting the children off the dance floor!

4) Feed them! Ask whoever is catering your wedding to provide child friendly meals for the younger children. You might even consider serving ice cream or similar for desert to keep the children happy!

5) Give them space. Ask your venue if you can set up a room that the kids can use to have fun with activities and games. Make sure there is someone supervising them. Fill this room with bean bags or similar so they can rest – weddings are tiring even for the most professional wedding guest! You may even find that there are mobile creches that will come to your venue to look after children during the big day!



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