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5 Things We Learned From ‘Bridesmaids’

We love an iconic wedding film here at Guides for Brides, and it doesn’t get better than Bridesmaids. We love it so much that not only do we think it’s extremely entertaining, but we think there’s a lesson or two to be learned as well. If you want to keep your bridesmaids happy, make sure you read the top five things we learnt from the film here:

5 things i learned from bridesmaids

1. Let them choose their own dresses

If you don’t want to be left with a Helen Vs Annie situation in the bridal boutique, it’s probably safer to just leave them to it. That way, each bridesmaid can choose a style (and a budget) that they are happy with, and will feel totally comfortable on the day. If you’ve got your heart set on them looking the same, why not choose dresses that can be changed to suit each maid? Many dresses now come with the option to tie the straps differently, giving each bridesmaid her own identity on the day.


2. OR, don’t let them have a say in their dresses

If you’re not keen on letting your maids choose their own dresses, the only way to avoid a Helen Vs Annie repeat is simply to choose them yourself, and don’t let them have a say. You can head to the boutique yourself and choose exactly what you want without any ‘helpful’ advice from them – crisis averted!

5 things we learned from bridesmaids

3. Don’t play them off against each other

The chances are, there’s going to be a bit of #benvy (bridesmaid envy) amongst your bridesmaids. It might be that your oldest friend feels threatened by your new friend and vice versa (like in Annie and Helen’s case), or it might simply be that bridesmaids are jealous of someone else’s figure or confidence.. It’s probably going to happen. Just make sure to set time aside to make sure each of your maids is comfortable with their role, and try and defuse any potential conflict as soon as you see it coming.

5 things we learned from bridesmaids

4. Don’t go OTT with the hen party

We’re the first to admit that a luxury weekend in Las Vegas for your hen do sounds amazing, and we can understand why Lillian was so upset that she didn’t get there. However, it’s also easy to sympathise with Annie, sat behind in economy, being “the poor one”. It’s imperative to remember that the most important thing about your hen party is spending time with your best girls, regardless of where it is. Bear in mind that not everyone has the same budget, and it’s easy to alienate those that aren’t so fortunate.

5 things we learned from bridesmaids

5. Include a song that’s special to you and your girls

We love that final Bridesmaids scene where the girls are getting down to Wilson Phillips, so make sure you recreate it for your own wedding! Choose a song that is important to you and your friends, and is sure to get everyone on their feet – all that #benvy will be forgotten! Find a list of our 40 favourite wedding songs here.

5 things we learned from birdesmaids

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