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5 Signs of an Imminent Proposal… or Break Up?

Christmas is the season for magic – and proposals!  Is your partner acting strange? A recent survey found that Men’s odd behaviour before proposing actually led 66% of women to suspect an imminent break up and only 12% to suspect a proposal!  So if you’re Man is acting strange this season, he might be preparing to make your Christmas extra special.

christmas proposal

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75% of women in the survey noticed that their partner was acting strangely in the lead up to the proposal – “being secretive” and “seeming stressed or distant” were common behaviours that women had picked up on.

66% of women mistook their now-fiancé’s odd behaviour as heading for a break-up, and 8% even thought that their partner was having an affair. So ladies – if he’s acting strange, don’t assume the worst.

christmas proposals

Photo credit: Pinterest

If you’re familiar with the following behaviours this Christmas, keep calm and don’t assume an impending break up or infidelity:

  1. Being secretive e.g. changing passwords, locking devices etc.
  2. Getting unusually emotional
  3. Seeming stressed or distant
  4. Being quiet or thoughtful
  5. Being unusually argumentative

propose to me candy cane

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The survey was conducted by a gifting company,


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