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10 top tips for delivering a wedding speech

You’ve spent a lot of time putting together that all important wedding speech, now the time has come to share it!

Here are ten tips to ensure you deliver the perfect wedding speech.


1) Practice. However well written the speech is, you don’t want to appear as if you’re just reading off the cards. Rehearse it enough so that you don’t need to rely on the words in front of you.

2) Talk slowly. Make sure everyone can hear every word you say, you don’t want to be mumbling in front of a crowd of people.

3) Pause for effect. Your audience might need some time to digest the story before they get the punchline.

4) Emphasise key words. Imagine you’re telling a story without a script. You’ll say some words louder than most.

5) Gesticulate. Body language is vital. If you’re addressing someone, look at them. Use your arms to emphasise a point.

6) Be put off by a heckle. You can prepare a couple of responses to a noisy member of the crowd.

7) Give in to the shakes. Paste your speech onto card. Or rest it somewhere you can see it. Find out if there’s a lectern. Holding a shaky piece of paper will put you off before you get going

8) Don’t get drunk beforehand. It may feel like the easy way to get through it, but it won’t seem so sensible afterwards.

9) Just read it out. Great material is irrelevant if it’s delivered badly. You’ll be much more natural when you’re not reading straight from the page.

10) Enjoy it! This is arguably the most important tip. This is your time to shine, so enjoy sharing your story with guests.


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