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10 reasons to say YES to a marquee wedding

Dreaming of a wedding which oozes your personal taste and meets all of your requirements? Marquees are a popular option for wedding receptions as they can be tailored to suit your individual needs. From flexible sizing and flooring to personalised design and outdoor pursuits – marquees are perfect for a unique, fun-filled wedding. Here’s 10 reasons why we love a marquee wedding, featuring advice from some marquee experts!

moodie marquees

1) Fabulous flooring. Most marquees come with standard matting flooring, however, there is always room for adding that personal touch. Whether you opt for carpet elegant tiles or a disco dance floor – you won’t need to worry about catching your heels on coconut flooring and tripping on unstable ground. 

What did the experts say? We caught up with Moodies Marquees for an insight into flooring; Marquees can be constructed on various types of wooden flooring which means that you can level out small imperfections on lawns or fields. A wooden floor provides a hard, flat surface which means that furniture can rest evenly and dance floors can be laid out on a perfect level, whilst preventing shoes from catching on an uneven carpet. 

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2) Flexible sectioning. Parts of a marquee can be sectioned off so that you can personalise the layout. You could have one section for the wedding breakfast, one for the dance floor and a hidden section for the caterers. 

3) Size. Whether you’re wanting your marquee to fill a small garden or a large field, marquees are available in all shapes and sizes. This allows for lots of flexibility with guest lists, location and design.

What did the expert say? We caught up with Cotswold Marquees, experts in dealing with marquee sizing issues! They can supply a marquee to fit any awkward area. A series of different width structures can be joined together or you can create annex rooms off the main structure for additional space. From 10 to 1000 guests, marquees can be built to get the right size for your number of guests.

Traditional 40ft x 80ft

4) Price. Whilst paying for a marquee on top of your venue hire can be costly, it will guarantee privacy and tends to cost less than paying for exclusive use of a venue. However, if you have a large garden or are able to rent a field, marquees can be a cost effective solution. 

5) Room with a view. Take advantage of the beautiful views by choosing a marquee with panoramic window panels. Discuss this with your marquee supplier – they will have lots of experience when it comes to styles and layouts. 

What did the experts say? Moodies Marquees explained that a good marquee will allow you to roll back the sides and windows entirely so that you can embrace the outdoors, whilst keeping your guests cool with a lovely summer breeze.

6) All year round. You may be thinking that a marquee is only appropriate for a summer wedding, but marquees can be used all year round and can successfully withstand wind, rain and even snow. Just another reason why we love them! 

7) Temperature. With the uncertainty of the British weather, many people assume that a marquee wedding would be too cold – especially in the evening. With efficient modern heating, marquees can be successfully heated all year round to the perfect temperature.

8) Outdoor pursuits. Marquee weddings are great for a summer wedding. Be at one with nature incorporating fire pits, tree swings and picnic areas into your big day. Moodies Marquees love the idea of using a series of smaller marquees to create a summery, fete vibe.

Wedding venue under a marquee

9) Blank canvas. Whether you’re dreaming of a moroccan themed lounge or fairylit wonderland, marquees enable you to get creative with your decor and styling. From bunting and mason jars to chandeliers and lanterns – transform the ambiance with these extras. 

What did the experts say? Cotswold Marquees love using a marquee as the backdrop to your big day. Choose your linings for the background, select the right mood lighting and dress the marquee with flags, bunting or even painted backdrops for a truly unique look.

10) Electricity. Caterers, heating, lighting, music- there are so many wedding components that need electricity! However, hiring a marquee doesn’t mean you’re going to have an electricity meltdown. Most companies rig up electricity as part of their service and will supply a power generator if needed.

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