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10 Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas That We Love!

The cutting of the cake is an important part of your wedding day – but what if you don’t want to go down the traditional cake route? From rainbow sponges to giant cheesecakes, we’ve come up with some unique ideas to make your wedding cake stand out from the crowd.

cutting the wedding cake bride groom

1. Rainbow or coloured sponge

If you’d like your cake to look traditional on the outside, but you’d like your guests to have a little surprise when you cut it, why not choose a cake that is coloured on the inside? You could choose colours that go with your theme or even try out this amazing rainbow cake idea!

alternative wedding cake coloured sponge rainbow

2. Cupcakes

We have seen a rise in couples wanting to go for a non-traditional wedding cake, and that means we’ve seen a huge increase in couples going for amazing cupcake towers like these! These are a beautiful end to any wedding breakfast, and are practical, too – no cutting involved!

alternative wedding cake cupcake tower

3. Cake pops

If you’re looking for something totally unique that’s super easy to achieve, cake pops are a great alternative to a traditional wedding cake. In a similar way to cupcakes, they’re practical as guests can simply pick up their cake pop – they make for great photo opportunities, too!

alternative wedding cake cake pops

4. Cheesecake wedding cake

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t like cheesecake? Didn’t think so. Cheesecake towers are a great way to use a different dessert rather than the traditional cake and it’s sure to be a hit with your guests.

alternative wedding cake cheescake

5. Donut mountain

If you’re looking for a wedding cake alternative do-nut disregard a donut mountain. It’s a really fun way for your guests to enjoy your wedding cake, they can pick up a donut whenever they fancy and it’s much less hassle than making sure everyone gets a slice of a more traditional cake.

alternative wedding cakes donuts

6. Chocolate dipped strawberries

If you’re not that keen on cake, why not do this amazing chocolate dipped strawberries idea! They’re delicious, less mess, and a unique dessert idea.

alternative wedding cake chocolate dipped strawberries

7. Profiterole tower

Do you need any more convincing after seeing these amazing towers? Not only do they look great, but profiteroles are sure to be a big hit with your guests. These delicious balls of creamy goodness can even be made self serve, but we’d forgive you for not sharing.

alternative wedding cakes profiterole tower

8. Oreo stack

Everyone loves Oreos. Literally, everyone. They are a great way to add a little fun to your wedding cake – and they’re a little easier on the budget than more traditional cake ideas, too!

FotorCreated oreo cake

9. Meringues

If you and your partner have a sweet tooth, you can’t get much more of a sugar-fix than you get from meringues. You can try out different flavours and stack them however you want to make a beautiful wedding cake alternative.

 alternative wedding cakes meringue tower

10. Naked wedding cakes

If you’re still a cake-lover at heart, but you don’t want to go too traditional, why not try a naked wedding cake? These cakes don’t feature any icing on the outside, exposing the sponge and cream filling beneath! They look beautiful and it’s a great option if you’re having a more rustic wedding day!

alternative wedding cakes naked cakes

For more inspiration, check out our wedding cake suppliers here.

Photo Credits: Pinterest.


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